Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing Our Part For The City

The Park Lane Hong Kong is committed to corporate social responsibility with a sustainability strategy centered around four priority pillars: the environment, our people, our guests, and the community.

We prioritize preserving the environment by eliminating single-use plastics and adopting biodegradable products throughout our hotel. We also focus on enhancing the guest experience through continuous facility upgrades. Furthermore, we actively collaborate with non-profit organizations to promote philanthropic goals and social well-being in our city. Join us in our efforts to make a positive impact on the world.
  • Bamboo amenities to support sustainability at the Park Lane Hong Kong
    Plastic-Free Room Amenities
    Celebrate Sustainability: Park Lane Hong Kong Hotel's Plastic-Free Initiatives

    In response to the new regulation on disposable plastic products by the Hong Kong government, The Park Lane Hong Kong Hotel is committed to sustainable practices. Starting April 22, 2024, we are taking significant steps to reduce plastic waste and safeguard our environment and health. Our room amenities, from toothbrushes to combs, are now thoughtfully crafted from environmentally-friendly materials. Additionally, the hotel will no longer provide plastic bottles of water and will offer sustainable water options for guests. By choosing Park Lane Hong Kong Hotel, you're not only indulging in a luxurious stay, but also actively participating in the preservation of our planet. Let's join hands to go green and create a positive impact on our world!

    Please join us in our sustainability efforts with simple actions such as traveling with your personal re-usable daily necessities.

  • A casket of fresh vegetables grown from the rooftop garden of The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel
    Farm to Table
    We grow our own
    By growing our own exquisite blooms, we have guests with an unparalleled 'from farm to table' experience. This sustainable practice significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with importing ingredients, aligning with the Hotel's deep-rooted commitment to the environment.
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  • Fu Hong Society Logo in collaboration with The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel
    Fu Hong Society
    We collaborated with Fu Hong Society earlier before to host a community caring day for individuals with special needs, featuring activities like Clay Art and Leather Workshop and Charity Sale.

    As a responsible corporate citizen, The Park Lane Hong Kong is dedicated to working with non-profit organizations to promote philanthropic goals and social well-being in our city.
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  • Painting part of past Artist Playground initiative at the Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel
    Artist Playground
    As part of Pullman Brand’s Global Art Initiative, The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel, launched the Accor’s flagship “Artist Playground”, located at Ebb & Flow, which held various art exhibitions of artist from Austria, USA, China and Hong Kong.
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