Artist Playground

As part of Pullman Brand’s Global Art Initiative, The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel, launched the Accor’s flagship “Artist Playground”, located at Ebb & Flow, which held various art exhibitions of artist from Austria, USA, China and Hong Kong.

Ebb & Flow is currently showcasing Wu Weixing(Weixin)'s artworks.

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  • Zou Wei
    Zou Wei, born in Jiangsu in 1966, is a renowned artist. He graduated from Nanjing Art Institute and studied at Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Russian State University, earning a master's degree in art. Currently teaching at the Academy of Art and Design, Zou Wei's paintings creatively distort people's spirits, reflecting societal issues with humor and depth. His works offer a fresh perspective on the relationship between humans and consumer society. With suspended characters in the sky, his simplistic yet captivating style shines through.
  • LIU Kun
    Art is actually a way of thinking, a Worldview.
    Born in Beijing, Liu Kun graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design in 1992. His works often imply particular cultural symbols with works expressing the deep and unique psychological state of the human mind through an eastern satirical and humorous form. He often uses viscid strokes and extravagant backgrounds to imply the sensation from the twists and jumps of a dance, and makes a playful re-construction of dance and an intervention in history. Such can be seen in his fantastic "Alice in Wonderland". In such concentration, the inevitable political issues are faded away, and the naturalistic emotions find their exit in the satirical and surreal balls. The dance hence becomes paradise and illusion. Liu participated in Asia-Pacific Arts Fair in New York in 2003, and held solo exhibitions, including "Hidden Strength" in 2004 and "Pas De Eeux" in 2005 in Hong Kong.

    Liu has always been interested in using an oriental style of humor to depict images containing cultural symbols of a metaphorical nature. He also likes to reveal people’s state of mind, their unique innermost complexities.
  • May Wong
    Hong Kong-based artist May Wong. Since 2018, she has started self-learning to create resin pouring art with different mixing techniques. Her passion for traveling and the power of nature is an essential inspiration. The visual-related background and global working experience allow her to penetrate the culture, history, and local manners wherever she is flying to. She hopes to bring the audience into her travel journal on canvas and enjoy as much as she did.
  • Stefan Irvine
    "The Last Tong Lau" series of panoramic photographs offers a unique perspective on Hong Kong’s “Tong Lau”. An international collaboration between photographer Stefan Irvine and post-production expert Jörg Dietrich, the images are a celebration of the city’s rich architectural heritage.
  • Francesco Lietti
    The moment Francesco set foot in Asia the first time he was absorbed by the vibrancy, the energy, and the beauty of its people, landscapes, and cityscapes. The number of possibilities, stories, and adventures seemed limitless and ready for him to plunge into and explore: the aromas, tastes, and colors are almost inebriating.
  • Nick Denambride
    Denambride is fascinated by concrete walls – the faded, varied shades of grey and aging graffiti - because of him they portray a granular vision of the city. He loves the concept of a city’s walls as its skin. His passion for the medium itself fuels his creativity.
    An increasing numbers of street artists have turned the cold concrete walls of urban spaces into virtual canvases for art. Denambride takes this concept one step further, creating art on light concrete slabs that mimic street and alley walls and turning them into actual canvases.
  • Louise Soloway Chan
    Born 1962 and educated in England, Louise Soloway Chan is a visual story-telling artist trying to capture an essence of the rapidly changing city. Ever since she moved to Hong Kong in 1994, Louise was constantly drawn to picture the ordinary lives: men in suits rushing off to work, helpers getting children to school, and many silent voices and invisible hands that are the life force and backbone that keeps the city functioning. She wishes people who see her artwork will be able to relate to the places and characters that have inspired, moved and tickled her.
  • Elaine Chiu
    Born and raised in Hong Kong, Elaine Chiu depicts the urban lives and environments in Hong Kong through watercolour cityscapes. With the fluidic and transparent qualities of the medium, she captures the transience of the light and shadow in Hong Kong's unique street views. To her, painting is not only an exploration in the streets of the city but also a journey of self-searching. Through her art, Elaine hopes to record the street views, communities and cultures of a place she calls home.
  • Yan-yan Wong
    As an artist, Yan is inspired by the beauty of patterns and fascinating objects, both often seen in her artwork. What inspires Yan to paint is the idea of breathing life into an empty canvas, life created through the process of painting. Each stroke of paint she connects onto the canvas is another breath given to a new life. This satisfaction of creation fuels her passion for painting.
  • TIK KA
    TIK KA is a Hong Kong born artist who focuses on painting. Grew up in Hong Kong in the colonial era, he is greatly influenced by the Chinese and Western cultures. Fusing the traditional Chinese characteristics with Western pop culture’s elements, his works truly bring out the spirit of “Made in Hong Kong”.

  • Pei Chung
    Born in the 90s, illustrator Pei Chung hopes to bring out the positive energy and finds the colors of this world of grey, reconciles the negative atmosphere and brings back the joy through illustration.
    Now at the age of 25, Pei Chung was graduated from the Illustration department of Kwun Tong Vocational Training Center. Later, he became a full-time illustrator and held an individual exhibition, and soon successfully opened his own studio. Pei Chung has been interviewed by numerous media. His talent and work received wide recognition from clients.
    Recent clients include Adidas, Vidal Sassoon, L'oreal Paris, Fresh, Scotch & Soda, Triple Major, etc.
  • Stella Ying Chi Tang
    Tang Ying Chi, Stella is an active artist, curator, writer and educator in the field of art. Stella obtained both DFA and MFA degree from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University) in Australia and BA (Fine Art) degree from Goldsmiths College of the University of London in England. Tang received numerous Residency Awards and has held over 20 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions both locally and internationally. Her works are collected by museums, galleries, libraries, public and private organizations, individuals in Hong Kong, Australia, China and various places.